Summertime hooking – smaller mats

Two Posies

Two Posies table mat

Plenty of hooking this summer, with a date to show/sell at a county fair – Rustic Revival – where all the artisans and craftspeople were making things by hand in a time-honoured way. It was a two day affair, August 25 & 26. The sun shone, the people came and everywhere talent and ingenuity shone too, coupled with traditional methods. Hello Bluebird was sold along with smaller mats and coasters, patterns and kits. Funny, but our mats are another sort of offspring – I hate to see them go, but the happy smiles of the new owners go a long way to smoothing the way. This one was a gift for the buyer’s daughter. Hope she liked it! Its origins were an online challenge for new life in the spring. I was struck by the Judy Garland song, Hello Bluebird, so I based it on that.

Hello Bluebird... got no time for the blues!

Hello Bluebird… got no time for the blues!

Floral Explosion Aug 13

Floral Explosion. Original mat, 100% wool, bound by complementary cord. Table top or hanging; channel on back for a small dowel.


Various small mats, all original, 100% wool

Golden Coneflower

Golden Coneflower, mixed textures and fibres. Donated to the Hooked Rug Museum of North America in Queensland, NS for their marketplace.


Sheepish trivet

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