Thinking woolly thoughts as Editor for the Ontario Hooked Craft Guild (rughooking)

I haven’t been doing a lot of rughooking lately, but I’ve been thinking, writing and talking a lot about it. I took on the semi-volunteer job of “Multi Media Manager” for the Ontario rughooking guild (OHCG) which includes editing and layout of the full-colour, 36 page quarterly newsletter/magazine, editing and maintaining the website

© Winterberg | Dreamstime Stock Photos

Mother and baby – wool on the hoof

and Facebook page. So, for anyone who hooks rugs and lives in or near Ontario, there’s likely a branch near you. If there isn’t, it’s pretty simple – and fun – to start one… will get you going. Membership is very reasonable and you get a terrific (I hope) newsletter (36 page full colour magazine) four times a year!

So, I’m doing some hooking, particularly trying to finish a covered bridge mat for the New Brunswick section of the Hooked Rug Museum of North America, newly minted and totally wonderful, in Queensland, Nova Scotia. Well worth a visit, and make sure to figure on a couple of hours. Then I have an alternate textures mat to finish for the OHCG Annual in Oshawa in May.

collage for texture swirl matThis has been fun – absolutely no wool at all, but lots of other fibres and textures – t-shirts, silk, ultrasuede, sari silk, taffeta, ribbon, polar fleece, linen, cotton broadcloth of various thicknesses and strengths, rayon, even a little dreaded polyester. This one won’t be walked on, so it doesn’t have to stand up to foot traffic. The theme of the OHCG Annual this year is MAT – Mad About Textures. I began this rug at a wonderful workshop with Diane Cox of Cornwall, UK. She led us in paper collage, tearing up magazines and making up a design – I’d been leaning towards abstracts for a change, so this swirly design just grew. Great technique – very freeing!

Anything but Wool mat, unfinished

Anything but Wool mat, unfinished

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