A month flew by

Where did July go? I was sick for most of it, so I guess that’s where, for me. I did get some hooking done, though. When my copy of Rug Hooking Magazine came, I was taken with the free pattern by Laurie Lausen oLaurieLausen RHM free patternf a little house with big flowers. So, I got out my linen and drew it out a little bigger than the pattern; it still only took a few days of intermittent hooking to finish it. I added a border, so as not to waste good linen, then a slight delay for the whipping and binding, but I pushed on.

I’ve also been busy with the website, Facebook page and newsletter for the Ontario Hooking Craft Guild (OHCG). A little part-time work would be nice, I thought, and I obsess about rughooking anyway… plus it would give me something to show for all the time I spend on the computer and Facebook… It turns out to be a considerably bigger job than I planned on, but it is work that I enjoy, and I get a small stipend, so that helps, too. Here’s an ad I made up, which is in the current issue of A Needle Pulling Thread magazine. The Guild is Ontario-wide and full of all kinds of rughookers–nearly 1000, with dozens of teachers in that number. From fine, highly detailed work, medium wide, often fairly detailed work, to the really wide cuts that I prefer. Not so much detail as suggestion. Visit the website at www.ohcg.org.


Diverse styles of nearly 1000 traditional rughookers make up the Ontario Hooking Craft Guild. Have a look!

Then we had a visit with the grandchildren in Ottawa, mid-July, up at the camp that they all are at now. Our eldest grandchild is not quite 7 and was thrilled to be at sleep away camp for 3 1/2 a popcorn picnic sort of dayweeks before being joined by the rest of the family for the 2nd half of camp season. Here are the two younger ones, enjoying popcorn before the real food arrived. A lovely day!


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